Sigal Tzuk – interpreted body

We are happy and excited to invite you to an in-depth workshop with Sigal Tzuk – ‘interpreted body’. The workshop will take place on April 5th-7th between 17:30-21:00 at Zehava Studio. She will continue a similar kind of exploration as the classes that she taught in the summer, with more time to deepen and experience her approach. We highly recommend taking part in this unique opportunity, the number of places is limited.

The workshop is for the Promornings Dancers, Price: 360 NIS

In order to register: write an email to saying that you are interested in joining the workshop and indicate that you are a member of ProMornings and include your telephone number. Galit will contact you to finalize the registration.

Workshop Description:

Whilst choreography usually deals with the aspect of doing in dance, in this practice, we are shifting our focus to the aspect of being in dance and performance on stage. We are heightening our awareness of our own body and the space around it. We are learning how to use our mental and emotional present moment state as a starting point from which we can connect to our performance tasks. We are improving our

ability to shift between different states on stage. Through a series of guided improvisations, we are training our ability to unite the mental, the physical and the emotional; being and doing; choreography and presence.

How can we be present? dropping the mind into the heart, the Heart into

the source.

Through many years of experience and dedication to dance, I explore an exceptional approach towards movement research that shades light into grammar within physicality, and at the same time gives importance and draws attention to the content it produces. Thus, solutions are directly found within the bodies themselves.

Part of my practice centers around a better understanding and developing and finally even mastering the creation of an „interpret-body“. A body that is transparent and aware of the delicate shifts that occur inside and outside of it.

My practice proposes a framework that cultivated and expands one‘s connection to oneself, the others, the environment. It establishes a gentle presence through attention and emphasis on exposing the(moving)bodies, while encouraging an intelligent and sensitive conceptual and emotional research of what is happening.

An art of moving, that implies a state of high exposure, friction, poetic and vigorousness.

Sigal Zouk

As a dancer, she has worked with the ensemble of Batsheva Dance Company (1994-1996), with Sasha Waltz (1999-2004), Meg Stuart (2005-2007 and today) and Laurent Chétouane (2007-2015), among others. In 2010, she won the first prize for best acting performance at the FAVORITEN theater festival in Dortmund. In addition to her career as a dancer, she has been assisting numerous choreographers in the artistic creation process since 2007, including Meg Stuart, Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger. Sigal also teaches at various European dance departments and institutions and engages in international collaborations with visual artists and musicians.

Terms of cancellation:

It is possible to cancel participation in the workshops up to seven days before the start of the workshop and get back the full amount.

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