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Shaden Dance Company – Trilogy

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall
Thursday, 05 August, 2021, 19:30
60 Min.

The performance takes place in accordance with the Green Pass regulations: Entry is allowed only for those over the age of 12; and with proof of vaccination, or recovery from covid, or with a negative covid test within the last 72 hours.

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Yaron Yerushalmi Hall
90 - 110₪

Shaden Dance Company

Trilogy looks at the idea of “place” as a space that holds memories, hopes, disappointments, aspirations, experiences, moments of anguish and joy. A place brimming with sounds of life, of the ghosts that inhabited it in the not so distant past. A place full of colors, tastes, and smells. A place where the shadows of the bodies that lived in it still float, trying to go back to the moment before they froze forever.
Trilogy takes place in three parts: starting outside in the courtyards of Suzanne Dellal Centre, moving onto the stage, and into video dance that moves through the market of the Old City of Nazareth – each part traveling a temporal and spatial line between past and present, history and memory, life and dance.

Shaden Dance Company was established by the choreographer Shaden Abu El-Asal in Nazareth in 2019 with the objective of providing a home for aspiring Palestinian professional dancers. Today it’s an open space for all dancers from the country and abroad. Shaden Dance Company is a platform for the development of contemporary art and dance, particularly in the Arab Palestinian society. Many of the Company’s creations are developed and performed in open places as simulations of the history of the place and its multiple layers, the constant interaction with the public being  indispensable.

Shaden Abu Elasal is a Palestinian dancer, teacher, and choreographer living and working in Nazareth. The rationale that guides her is the desire to develop the arts of dance with an emphasis on Arab society, creating a free space for the school’s students, professional development, and specialized accompaniment in the field of performing arts and dance. She earned a bachelor's degree in dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and performed with the Inbal Dance Theater 2001-2005. Shaden established and directed the Aida Contemporary Ballet and Dance School, through the Almedina Association which she also initiated.

Choreography: Shaden abu Elasal
Rehearsal Director: Nataly Nimer 
Photos:Isa Friej, Inbal Cohen-Hamo

Dancers : Maria alkeesh; Rand Taha, Rima Naser eddin,Shahd Jabarin ,Layal Mazzawi, Musicians: Nasif Fransees ;Sofia Leyla Ton
Music:  Chpoin -Nocturne no 20 
Music Consultant: Said Murad

Twin Flame
Dancers: Maria Alkeesh, Rand Taha
Music: Said Murad

This Place, Video Dance
Dancers: Maria Alkeesh, Rand Taha, Layal Mazzawi, Shahed Jabarin, Nada Srouji, Haya Khourieh, Rima Naser Eddin
Music: Said Murad
Filming and Editing: Issa Freij


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