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Tel Aviv Dance 2022

Nur Garabli – CHE Premiere | Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum – Dusk Premiere

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall
Monday, 01 August, 2022, 21:00
70 Min.

No entry for latecomers.

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Yaron Yerushalmi Hall

Nur Garabli | CHE


Look us straight in the eyes.
CHE is a duet in which two women meet through a theatrical, physical, and vocal protest. In CHE Garabli and her collaborator research the connection between their homeland and energy and they practice revolution and demonstration. They celebrate feminine Arab Palestinian identity by presenting their struggles as women who live under external control, silencing practices and patriarchy as an endless internal and external war.

Nur Garabli was born and raised in Ajami, Jaffa. She grew up with her mother Eman, her twin sister Yara and her grandmother Layla – three generations of Palestinian women sharing the same piece of land.

Garabli has a B.Ed. in dance and education from the School of Dance Arts, Kibbutzim College. She is the co-founder of the Taboo Group, a Palestinian women’s collective focusing on art and activism in the public space. She is also involved in Moving Together with Yasmeen Godder at her company’s studio in Jaffa. There she teaches Palestinian dabke and thus, through moving bodies she brings together women of all ages, communities and cultures. Nur participated in the 1|2|3 Program for young choreographers at the Suzanne Dellal Centre and she is currently performing with her work HaKovshim X Allenby in Tmuna Theater, directed by Neta Meydan and Shaked Shneller. 

Choreography: Nur Garabli
Performers: Maisan (miso) Samara & Nur Garabli
Photo: Inas Osrof

Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum | Dusk

Dusk is a dance theater piece that embarks on a cosmic journey of four entities lost in time, stuck in a spectral state, unbound by reality. They are wanderers, invisible to others, and yet their experience is linked within this wilting world. It is a research in the meditation of time, grief and emotional connection. By taking away identity, it poses the question of what lies beneath. It is a play of perception and ultimately an exploration of love and loss.

Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum are choreographers based in Israel. Rebecca Laufer is from the United States and received her Bachelor’s degree from Point Park Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Mattheus van Rossum is from the Netherlands. He received his Bachelors at the Amsterdam School of Arts. Rebecca and Mattheus have been collaborating since 2015. Their work has been shown throughout Israel, Europe and the United States. Both currently dance with Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater.

Choreography: Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum 

Music: Mattheus van Rossum and Thomas Walschot

Performers: Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Joy Kammin, Gil Algrably, Rebecca Laufer

This work was supported in part by the Rabinovich Foundation. Special thanks to the Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater for offering a space for our research.

Photo: Rebecca Laufer




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