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Bosmat Nossan – Alive Show

Israeli Dance
Studio Zehava & Jack
Friday, 15 October, 2021, 18:00
60 Min.


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Studio Zehava & Jack


During these past couple of years, we are all at a physical and emotional state that we imagine to be similar- social distancing, existential fear and new experiences in the virtual sphere. This primal unification is leading me to address the animal that we are, our uniqueness as a species and the act of art creation within that. What is the nature of art, where does it exist and what is essential, important or fundamental within it. The decay of the freedom of speech and our ability for movement is setting in motion a biological extinction process of art.

In 'Alive Show', Art, Just as any unique and beautiful organism in nature is struggling to survive, migrating and changing like an endangered species, searching for a place to be

Bosmat Nossan (1984) Is a contemporary dance choreographer based in Tel Aviv. Her work originates from an attraction to the unnatural, the exaggerated and the stylised, she is inspired by SciFi, comic books and surreal artists. Bosmat presented her work in all major venues and festivals in Israel, she teaches and performs her work internationally. Former dancer of the renowned Bat Sheva Dance Company and the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak dance company, Artistic director of the Gaga Teacher Training Program. Awarded with the Remco award for promising artist 2005, recipient of scholarships and grants from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Rabinowich Foundation and Mifal Hapais.          "


By Bosmat Nossan

Dancers: Gon Biran, Tamar Even Chen, Amit Tine, Keren Lurie Pardes, Beatrice Larrivee. Production & Management: Noa Lembersky

Costume Design: Gon Biran

Soundtrack Design: Matan Daskal & Bosmat Nossan

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