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Batsheva Dance Company – SUMMER SNOW by Ella Rothschild

Israeli Dance
Dellal Hall
Monday, 20 December, 2021, 21:00
70 Min.

Batsheva Dance Company and Mart Foundation present 
the world premiere of  "Summer Snow"" 
A work in three acts By Ella Rothschild

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Dellal Hall
Dellal Hall
Dellal Hall

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Duration: Approx. 70 minutes, without intermission

The show contains nudity


Set in a warehouse of emotions and objects, Summer Snow unravels a grotesque human image. The work consists of a series of surrealist scenes through which we discover the story of one character intertwined with the stories of others. The work raises questions regarding the physical and mental burdens that construct our reality and narrow our steps in it. What are the objects, memories, aspirations, and disappointments that activate us, and to which we cling – as individuals and as a group? What is left of all these when life is shaken to the core?


The occurrences on stage intersect with each other, constructing and deconstructing a web of relationships ranging from mundane to chaotic, from harmonious to turbulent. The enclosed space on the stage, built of shelves, creates a dense and claustrophobic world, an isolated island. The outside penetrates in various ways, and the explosive emotional tension quickly escalates into images of dark violence, loneliness, and insatiable emptiness.

The shelves, which once contained objects of functional and sentimental value, are now an empty reminder, a vague memory, of what will ultimately vanish.


Ella Rothschild is an award-winning choreographer, multidisciplinary artist and dancer. Rothschild was a dancer with Inbal Pinto and Avhshalom Pollak Company and Batsheva Dance Company, and created works for dance companies around the world. Rothschild is currently a member of Crystal Pite’s Kidd Pivot Company. Since 2006 Rothschild has created and collaborated with various artists from a broad range of disciplines. Her work combines dance, visual art and music.


In 2016, Rothschild received the Rosenblum Award for the Performing Arts by  the city of Tel Aviv for a promising artist, as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports Award for a decade of creative work. In 2017 she received the Best Performing Dancer award from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


In 2018, she created Feed for a Brazilian dance company as part of the Israel / Brazil project,  and Timeline for BTT, Italy. In 2019 Rothschild created Futuristic Space commissioned and produced by the Red Brick Theater in Yokohama, Japan.

In 2019 Rothschild was a residency artist at the Brishnikov Arts Center, New York. At the same year, she was selected for Suznne Dellal Center's first artist residency program, creating the work Pigulim. In 2020 Rothschild collaborated with director Kenichi Tani, creating a choreography for his theater piece The History of Mankind for KAAT Theatre, Yokohama, Japan.


Summer Snow is Rothchild's first creation for Batsheva Dance Company.


Original creation for Batsheva Dance Company co-produced with Mart Foundation


World Premiere – May 4, 2021, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv

Artistic Director, Bathseva Dance Company: Gili Navot

House Choreographer: Ohad Naharin

Executive Director: Dina Aldor

Company and Stage Manager: Yaniv Nagar

Senior Rehearsal Directors: Matan David, Noa Paran

Production Manager: Dana Katz Naaman

Technical Director: Roni Cohen

Director of Sound: David Bell

Director of Lighting: Eliav Refaeli Sewing

Workshop Manager: Haya Geiman, Tailor: Danny Kalmer

Wardobe Manager: Shoshi Or-Lavi

Production Coordinator: Yaara Sharon


Photography: Ascaf




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