A long-term residency for mid-career and established dance artists

The Suzanne Dellal Centre Artist Residency is a long-term creative residency for mid-career and established contemporary dance artists. Selected choreographers are invited to make Suzanne Dellal Centre their artistic home for the research and development of a new work. Resident artists work with Centre staff to envision a residency that best suits their process, from conception to production, and beyond. They are granted the equivalent of three months’ intensive studio space in the Centre’s newly renovated building, administrative and production support from Suzanne Dellal Centre staff, and tickets to performances during the residency period. The SDC Residency encourages artistic risk-taking and allows choreographers to deepen their practice in a supportive environment. 

In 2023 Centre opened a new trajectory of the Residency program, which concludes the development process with the premiere at Tel Aviv Dance 2023.




Adi Boutrous

Adi Boutrous, born in 1989, studied at Matte Asher School for Performing Arts in Kibbutz Gaaton, followed by the “Maslool – Professional Dance Program” in Tel Aviv-Yafo. He made his name as a dancer and choreographer in Israel before gaining international recognition. In 2017 he began presenting his works on important international stages, including continued collaboration with the Théâtre de la Ville – Paris and the Biennale de la Danse – Lyon. Rooted in conveying moral ideas, his works seek to reveal intimate expression, a performative state he has developed since his debut creation, What Really Makes Me Mad, for which he received the first prize at the “Shades in Dance” 2013. In 2022, Adi Boutrous received The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport Award for Creation in Dance for his body of works.

Reflections, Adi Boutrous’s new creation, is rooted in the artist’s will to create in the personal and moral territories. The work focuses on myths and symbols from the Renaissance period in art, the idea of devotion, and the perception that their beauty carries a humanistic value. Performing moments of ritual and intimate body encounters that echos the presence of the grand narratives from the past, evoke thoughts about the contemporary passage towards the disappearance of deep-rooted aesthetic principles, and our cultural future in their absence. Reflections raise a mirror to the history of art to contemplate on morality and to pursue the meeting between ethics and aesthetics.




Annabelle Dvir 

Annabelle Dvir is an Israeli-Georgian choreographer, voice artist, live sound composer and dance performer, who researches the live art, together with her developing ensemble W O M E N O F S O U N D S, through the tension between sensation and perception, the heard and the seen. She creates extreme physical-vocal practices and examines new esthetics that merge between the worlds of reality and fantasy. She composes, in a musical-choreographic eye, the embodiment of live sound and the visual shapes of alternating soundscapes in order to transform human preconception, emotions and inner desires. Her stage works and practice center the “performance body” as visual, audial-sonoric and plastic frequencies. Annabelle earned her MA and BA with Dean’s honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and graduated from The KELIM Center’s Choreography Program Bat-Yam IL. Winner of the 2022 Minister of Culture Award for Artists in their first ten years of activity. In 2018 she received the ImPulsTanz DanceWEB scholarship, Vienna – Austria, and the Art Excellence Award of Holon Municipality. In 2017 she received the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports creative grant for outstanding emerging choreographers. Her stage work and practice presented both nationally and abroad: Germany, Croatia, Italy, Georgia, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Atlanta USA, France. Annabelle is a member of The Israeli Choreographers Association, and CAMPI – Jerusalem Dance and Performance Community.


Annabelle writes about her new creation, within Residency program:

“In our Rock Dance and Village Chant, we return to assemble and gather more wombs for our gang of She-Demons. The moment of choice, the coronation, traverses our timeline once more. Who will fight for us, for you? Welding her heart’s blood with gold, imbued with pathos, charged with pride; She will become the marrow of her bones against her own skeleton. Here is where the songs and dances of a tale flow from and initiate the vocal rituals and folklore inspired by the eastern country of the Black Coast: Georgia and a parallel universe originated from imagination. We owe this Epos to the history written in blood.”




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