International Opportunities for Future Projects

Pitching Program 

at Suzanne Dellal Centre

Pitching is a unique platform held alongside international exposure events at Suzanne Dellal Centre, which offers Israeli artists professional opportunities abroad. As part of pitching, an international panel consisting of festival directors, artistic directors, curators, and academy directors will convene, which will provide support for proposals for new and future projects.

The pitching event will be held as an independent event on one of the international exposure days held yearly between November – December.

Participation in Pitching

Artists chosen to participate in pitching will present a future project as a presentation in front of a selected international panel, local audience and international audience that includes also the yearly international exposure guests.

The artists are selected through an application process to participate in Pitching. The selected ones will be required to prepare a 5-minute presentation in English. The presentation will include a presentation of the proposed project with visual references. The participants will receive mentoring and professional feedback to accompany its preparation on behalf of the Suzanne Dellal Center.

As part of the pitching event, the artists will have 5 minutes to pitch the presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions from the international panel and 5 more minutes for questions from the audience.

The international panel will consist of key representors from the international dance scene who will commit in advance to offer a professional pitching opportunity. The panel will provide choreographers with opportunities which will include commissioning works, residencies, support for the development of new works and academic opportunities. In this way, the Suzanne Dellal Center offers exposure and ensures that the choreographers will receive prestigious international opportunities.

To apply for Pitching 2023- Click here

Applications must be submitted by June 2, 2023.

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