1I2I3 program

A development program for emerging choreographers



International Opportunities for Future Projects

1|2|3 edition #2

A development program for emerging choreographers

Cypher Connection

Tel Aviv Dance 2022

Tel Aviv Dance, the annual festival of Suzanne Dellal Centre

Framing Movements 2021

Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater in Tel Aviv opens its doors (and its backyard) as part of Loving Art. Making Art. festival 2021 to present an array of video works exploring notions of movement, choreography, and the moving body. The spectrum of works expand from works of video dance made by choreographers with professional dancers to videos that think of and with notions of choreography but their creators come from different fields. 12 local and international artists were invited to present their works on screens that were positioned across the center, alluring the visitors to sway amongst them and be exposed to drifts that will move them from side to side, up and down, and inside out.

Framing Movements 2022

Framing Movements 

Video Art Exhibition

Suzanne Dellal Productions


Art frameworks and festivals in the past

International Exposure

Suzanne Dellal Centre’s annual platform for contemporary dance in Israel

Dancing Outside

A professional dance program for the public space for graduates of professional dance programs


Morning classes for professional dancers at the Suzanne Dellal Centre


A long-term residency for mid-career and established dance artists

25 years to Suzanne Dellal Center – Manifestos 2014

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