One. One and One

Vertigo Dance Company Presents One. One and One

"And thus would he count: one, one and one, one and two, one and three, one and four, one and five, one and six, one and seven." (Yoma, Chapter 5, Mishna 4)

This new original dance creation by choreographer Noa Wertheim revolves around the individual's inner wish to be united in the face of separation processes in the human, existential and spiritual realms.

One, One and One involves both inside and outside, paying attention to the echo as reflected from different directions, while profoundly developing the metaphoric relationship between the near, the far and the self.


Choreography:  Noa Wertheim | Dancers: Etai Peri, Shandor Petrovics, Shany Licht, Nitsan Moshe, Tamar Bar Lev, Daniele Costa, Ron Cohen, Liel Fibek | Musician: Avi Belleli | Photographer: rene alavero


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