Shaden Abu Elasal

Shaden Abu Elasal is a dancer, teacher, and a choreographer living and working in Nazareth. Shaden earned a bachelor’s degree in dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. In 2010 she started creating her own work, including “Loss”-2010, “On the Brink of White”-2013, “Rosa”-2015″, all of which she created and performed. In 2016 she established Aida Contemporay and Ballet Dance School in Nazareth, through Almedina Association which she also initiated. In 2017, she created “On The Way”, which was peformed on the streets of the old city of Nazareth and Wadi-Elaslib in Haifa. In 2019, Shaden established “Shaden Dance Company. The company’s latest works are “Trilogy” and “When the body remembers”.