Daniel Ben Ami

Daniel Ben Ami, 22 years old, started breakdancing at youth and later joined the breaking group ‘YOUR TROUBLES CREW’. Winner of experimental braking competitions in Israel and Europe.

Took part in the dance collective ‘Untamed’ under the direction of Hagar Weizman, participated in the “As Is” festival under the artistic direction of Yankalle Filtser, and was granted a residency at the “Stage Workshops” center, where he created his first solo.

Dancer in the ‘MHM’ Company, under the direction of Miriam Robinov and in Shahaf Boaron’s dance piece “Back and Forth”, of the ‘Kelim’ Choreography Center. Appeared at Cypher Connection Showcase of the Tel Aviv Dance Festival at the Suzanne Dellal Centre (2021-2022). These days, he dances and teaches breakdancing, conducts freestyle workshops throughout the country and works in photography and video editing.