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The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre is the home of dance in Israel and the premier presenter of Israeli and international contemporary dance companies.

Established in 1989, the Suzanne Dellal Centre is located in the center of the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv, just minutes from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Centre was established by the Dellal Family of London - England, in honor of their daughter Suzanne, as well as the Municipality of Tel Aviv Yaffo, the Tel Aviv Foundation, and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Education.

The Suzanne Dellal Centre’s beautiful and sprawling multi-level campus consists of four performance halls, numerous rehearsal studios, restaurant and cafe, and wide plazas that host various outdoor performances and events throughout the year.

The mission of the Suzanne Dellal Centre is to cultivate, support and promote the art of contemporary dance in Israel. The Centre pursues this mission by offering a variety of events, festivals, and workshops across artistic disciplines, ensuring that dance stays in close relationship with all art forms. The Centre hosts courses for dancers and choreographers, as well as lectures by renowned artists, aimed both at the general public as well as special programs specifically for children.

The Suzanne Dellal Centre has two primary goals: the first is to create world-class dance productions and engaging educational activities; the second is to support and facilitate the top-quality presentation of Israeli and international choreographers. As a result, the Centre has launched dozens of successful and innovative programs to nurture and support new work and emerging artists, providing visible platforms to share new creations with large audiences.

The Suzanne Dellal Centre is the most visited tourist sight in Tel-Aviv.

On average, the Centre welcomes over half a million visitors per year.

Since it was founded, the Centre has featured over 1,300 premieres.

On average, the Centre hosts over 700 cultural events and performances per year.

The Centre has become a model of cultural and urban revitalization, hosting several international delegations each year that come to study the Centre’s refreshing physical layout and dynamic programming.

Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theatre

Three late 19th century school buildings, designated for preservation, were reconstructed and restored to create a performing arts center.

The center became the house for the Bat-Sheva dance company, and the Inbal dance group. Offering a wide selection of Dance shows, events and festivities all year round.

The Suzanne Dellal center is located in Neve-Tzedek neighborhood, the first neighborhood of Tel-Aviv, which was restored and renovated into a lively culture center of young Tel-Aviv.