Beta Dance Troupe - BUG by Dega Feder

The BUG dance work by dancer-choreographer Dega Feder deals with all of our lives—lives marked by minor events, 
daily nuisances, and chance occurrences to which we generally pay little attention. In the work BUG Feder places these forgotten moments under a magnifying glass, 
enlarging and expanding them into a fabric of movement through her unique dance idiom, composed of repetitive gestures that combine to the point of loss of senses.
Dega Feder choreography, director of the Beta Ensemble Mazal Demuza rehearsal manager Mazal Demuza, Neta Erez, Hen Masil, Alma Livneh, Samrat Hayelo, Godai Betawli dancers Alma Livne costume designer Dor Ilan lighting


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