Bat ella is joining the SYMPHONETTE RAANANA for the first time in a unique and festive concert in which she will sing songs from her three albums  - "T'filati", "L'chi Lach" and "R'gaim". Bat Ella's inspirational and prayer songs are taken from the new Hebrew poetry and the Jewish sources. These songs will be performed for the first time in new symphonic arrangements written especially for this concert by the Simfonet conductor Keren Kagarlitsky.

Bat ella – an Israeli soul singer, a graduate of the IDF Performing Art Troupe "L'hakat Pikud Darom", grew up in Dimona to parents of Aleppo and Persian origins.

Bat Ella has made it her mission to pursue the value of "Kiruv Levavot" (bringing souls together). This is brought to life in a unique way in her engaging concerts in Israel and abroad between Jews and Arabs, Secular and Religious Jews, and Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora. 

Bat ella's songs have melodies and arrangements that express the rich musical tapestry of the Israeli melting pot. The powerful lyrics of her songs, the catchy melodies, the rich arrangements and her moving performance, produce a concert which is entirely Israeli soul music – a musical experience which generates inspiration, elation, and joy.

The following gifted musicians will be Joining Bat ella and SYMPHONETTE RAANANA on stage:
Drums: Karen Teperberg
Guitars: Gal Schneider

Picture of Event:
Picture of Event:

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